Missaukee Co. Search Party Plans To Comb Swamp For Missing Couple

“No one really knows and I wish we had that answer.”

Jeff Hurley and Alexandria Foust disappeared nearly a month ago.

On Friday, the search for them continued.

It’s a story we’ve been following closely since the couple vanished more than three weeks ago.

Hurley and Foust were first reported missing in Missaukee County on Nov. 7.

Then hunters found Jeff’s truck in this area of Dead Stream Swamp near Moorestown.

The search had to be suspended due to firearm season.

This weekend, the effort to find them is back on.

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It’s been more than three weeks since Jeff Hurley and Alexandria Foust disappeared, presumably in these woods.

Many search efforts later, both from State Police and from civilians, including family just trying to help, there’s still no sign.

“This is very crazy,” says Jami Grames, who spearheaded the creation of the Facebook page, “Bring Jeff and Alex Back Home.” “It’s caused a lot of emotional impact on the family.”

A State Police helicopter searched again Friday afternoon, eyes peeled for Jeff and Alex, a search that Grames and many others have taken personally.

“The only people who really do know is Jeff and Alex, themselves, and I wish I could bring that answer to everybody,” Grames says.

More than 3,000 people have joined her page, including Tom Warnock with his ham radio.

This weekend, he plans to help by letting search groups use them to stay in touch through the treacherous terrain.

“I think it’s very important,” Warnock says. “I mean, that’s what amateur radio is about. That’s actually our backbone. We provide emergency communications.”

It’s a never-ending hope; uncover the truth as to what happened to Jeff and Alex, a young mother of two.

“I’d like to see closure,” Warnock says. “The community is still backing them. We’re willing to help them.”

“Jeff and Alex, you’re families love you and, Alex, your babies need you more than anything,” Grames says. “If you guys see this, you guys need to contact your family. It is very important to your family and friends that you guys contact them and come home safely.”

Jami’s group plans on starting their search tomorrow, after gathering at the WesCo in Lake City at 11 a.m.

State Police plan on organizing their searches throughout next week.

If you have anything – as always – that could help State Police further their investigation and bring about some answers, call the Houghton Lake State Police post at (989)422-5101.