Missaukee Co. Search Continues For Missing Couple Who Vanished Weeks Ago

“[Alexandria] has to come home for those babies. They have to come home for their families.”

A man who didn’t show up to work and the girl who vanished beside him, now gone without a trace — for weeks.

The search was called for safety reasons at the opening of firearm deer season but State Police now say a new plan to search the forests of Missaukee County is in the works, focused on finding Jeff Hurley and Alexandria Foust.

The pair were reported missing three weeks ago in the dead stream swamp area near Moorestown.

You can read the last update here.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them,” says David Mousseau, who knows the pair well.

David remembers talking with his friends Jeff Hurley and Alexandria Foust just days before they vanished.

“There were so many memories,” Mousseau says. “Tubing trips. Camping trips. Carving pumpkins. She was talking about how we were going to decorate this apartment for Christmas. Now they are both missing.”

David says he set up a Christmas tree in his apartment for Alex to see.

She has not gotten to do so.

“I didn’t see it coming,” Mousseau says. “When the officers showed up at my door and said they are missing, my heart sank. I didn’t know what to think.”

He remembers time spent together, dating back to when they met four months ago, from camping to special moments with Alexandria’s two children.

“They were extremely important to her and you can see when she interacted with those babies, they knew exactly who their mama was,” Mousseau says.

“I miss them so much,” says Tammy Noel, Jeff Hurley’s mother. “The not knowing is crazy. We need closure.”

The Houghton Lake State Police post commander tells us his detectives are now following up on dozens of tips.

Tammy keeps the search alive on Facebook, with a plea to “Bring Jeff and Alex Home.”

“There’s almost 2,000 people, some as far as Marquette, from all over the place,” Noel says. “It means the world to me.”

But the area is treacherous.

Ray Tatonetti of Lake City has hunted in the Dead Stream Swamp for nearly 18 years.

“You can go 600 yards in there, not pay attention and lose your way, get lost for hours, maybe days,” Tatonetti says.

Plans to resume the search begin Friday with the first organized searches by State Police coming next week in hopes of answering a central question: where did the couple go and why?

“They were a part of my life every day and I want them to come home,” Mousseau says. “I want some answers.”

“Please keep things going, sharing on the social media,” Noel says. “Just keep it going so their faces don’t just fade and no one remembers what happened.”

Anyone who knows anything that could help investigators find answers is asked to call the Houghton Lake MSP post at (989)422-5101.