Gas Stations May Use More Protections Against Criminals Following Bill Passing

“Sending a clear message to criminals, that Michigan is not a place to rip our people off.”

A strong message from a local legislator after passing a bill to protect drivers at the pump.

Governor Snyder signed senate bill 4-15 into law Wednesday, authorizing gas stations to use additional protections against criminals trying to install card skimmers.

Once put into action, gas stations may now use security measures like credit card encryption, tamper proof security tape, and individualized locks for gas pumps.

Senator Wayne Schmidt says these changes are easy to make, but will go a long way toward preventing crime.

“You know, it’s something as simple as putting a sticker or changing out that lock, it can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars of police time, consumer hassle, and quite frankly just lost money for everyone in the system,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt credits tremendous bipartisan support for the speed of the bill’s passing.