Family Stands By As Crews Continue Search for Missing Traverse City Man

“We confirmed the information that we had was correct and we’re using that as part of the search.”

Crews are wrapping up their third day of searching and there’s still no sign of a missing Traverse City man.

John White has been missing since Saturday.

His truck was left at the Baggs Road Boat Launch on Lake Skegemog.

His kayak was found near the mouth of the Torch River.

Crews also found life jackets and a paddle, but no sign of other signs of John.

Crews have wrapped up for their third day of searching and family and friends were here all day again. We did have a chance to talk with them, as they continue to wait for answers.

“That’s what Whites do,”  cousin of John, Trisha Donaldson said.

“That’s family to us, we’re all here,” cousin of John, Margaret Mowers said.

Family is standing nearby as crews continue their search, each day using more resources to expand their search.

“We are deploying an underwater autonomous vehicle, it’s a sonar unit, that’s here with the Michigan State Police to better map and look at what’s on the bottom of the lake,” Sheriff Tom Bensley said.

“We’re just waiting for the technology to kind of do its thing so to speak,” Bensley said.

A land search crew started at the Clearwater Fire Department Thursday morning, mainly searching on the south east corner of the lake.

“Metro fire search and rescue has done quite a few of these and they have it down, it’s very technical. They actually map where each one of the teams are at and they work out grids so that we can go back to the family and tell them, “hey we know 100 percent this area has been covered,” Captain Chris Clark, Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office said.

Family and friends have been gathering nearby throughout the entire search.

Still hopeful and waiting for an answer.

“We actually have a detective assigned to the family throughout this whole process so that we can continue to gather further information and also that we can communicate to the family what we’ve done too,” Clark said.

Family tells us White is a cherry farmer with three young children.

“He was amazing,” Donaldson said.

“Wonderful father,” Mowers said.

“He made everybody smile he was just a great guy,” Donaldson said.

We did get an update from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s office that they will be meeting soon to decide a plan for Friday, but they do know MSP will be conducting an underwater sonar search first thing in the morning.