Central Michigan University Student Gets Make-A-Wish Trip To New York City

A Central Michigan University student got a dream trip to New York City, after a hard battle with aplastic anemia, a bone marrow disease.

Corinne Bass was flown to New York City on a Make-A-Wish Trip that included a photoshoot with celebrity photographer, Nigel Barker.

“I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2015,” says Bass.

A bone marrow disease Corinne Bass has been fighting for years.

“Aplastic Anemia is basically a bone failures disorder so your platelets which clot your blood, your red cells which carry oxygen to your body, and then your white cells which fight off diseases. You don’t have enough of them so you’re tired and you get sick easily,” says Bass.

Since then, she has gone through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant this past February.

Now in remission, she received a special call.

“I was contacted by Make-A-Wish after being submitted and I’ve always loved modeling, I just love it. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and so I automatically thought Nigel Barker is the one I want to photograph me, so they flew my family, my three brothers, and my mom and my grandma out to New York. I spent a day with Nigel Barker and I got my hair done, my makeup done and I was wearing amazing clothes and we just had a photo shoot,” says Bass.

After long hours at the hospital, this photo shoot meant a lot more.

“I just felt pretty, I felt beautiful. All of the makeup, the hair, the dresses, everything, it felt like every girls dream,” says Bass.

Inspired by her own battle, Corinne is now studying medicine at CMU.

“I want to be an immunologist. I want to deal with people who have diseases like mine. I made it so far and I will continue to make it far in life despite what I have and what I have been through,” says Bass.



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