Manton Community Prepares for Welcome Home Fundraiser for Brian Adams, Family

Months after the Green Mill Motel explosion in Manton we are talking to one of the youngest victims as he continues to recover.

The explosion left Brian Adams with burns on 90 percent of his body.

His brother Marcus was also burned.

Marcus is doing well and living downstate.

Investigators say their mother, Amanda Skardoutos was making butane hash oil which caused the explosion back in May.

She was sentenced last month to at least six years in prison after pleading no contest to arson and child abuse charges.

The past few months have been filled with constant doctors’ appointments and Brian is getting stronger every day.

“This could have killed me,” said Brian.

The morning of May 17 changed the life of 14-year-old Brian Adams. He was inside the room that blew up and caused this fire at the Green Mill Motel in Manton. Investigators say his mother caused the explosion.

“She started making the wax and put it in the freezer and went into the bathroom and I guess lit a torch. “I got up to go get a drink and I got thrown back and I just remember getting out and leaning up against a car and just laid down,” said Brian.

That explosion left Brian with burns on 90 percent of his body and meant a months long recovery before he could return home to Manton.

“I just remember getting blown back into the wall when everything exploded and then running out into the grass,” recalled Brian.

“Watching the pain that he endures, the struggle that he has to go through on a day to day basis to do regular function, it’s a very earth shattering experience,” said his father Robert.

His father, Robert Adams has been with Brian the entire way, all while helping Brian’s brother Marcus who was also burned in the explosion.

“They are like super heroes to me man. I’m so proud of these boys, there’s not enough words to describe the strength these two young men have and the pain they’ve been through, and the pain they’ve had to overcome to make it to where they are at today,” said Robert.

The Manton community will hold a welcome event and benefit this weekend for Brian to help with bills that have come with this long and courageous journey.

“That’s the biggest reason I’m here in Manton is because of the overwhelming support of my son. I’ve never been in a situation like this, but I’ve also never seen a community work so hard to try and help someone,” said Robert.

The fundraiser for Brian is this Saturday at the Manton gym from 5-8.

All the proceeds help Brian and his family.

There’s also a GoFundMe page set up for Brian.