Roscommon Co. Deputies Check Homes, Property Over Holiday Season

“Rain, snow, sleet, we still check the property.”

It is constant assurance that your home will be safe while you travel over the holidays.

That’s what Roscommon County Sheriff’s deputies are bringing to those who just ask.

They are called property checks.

All it takes is filling out a form.

Then, deputies throughout Roscommon County will keep tabs on your home while you are gone, and it doesn’t just help the homeowners.

“We’re the big brother,” says Lt. Laurie Beck. “We watch over it.”

Heading out for the holidays means leaving your home behind — unwatched.

“People come and go, depending on the season and a lot of places are left vulnerable,” says Vance Stringham, director of Roscommon 911.

It’s as simple as filling out a form.

Then deputies will make routine stops, checking everything from doors and windows to the timers on your lights.

“They get out of the car and they rattle the doors, they check the windows, they walk around the property, check out-buildings, make sure that there is nothing disturbed,” Beck says.

Lt. Beck says by the end of the holiday season, around 150 to 200 homeowners, I will have applied for these property checks, so when a homeowner goes on vacation, they can have peace of mind.

“What it does for us and the homeowner, if the house is broken into, we can check our records, check with central dispatch to see when it was last checked,” Beck says.

“It’s a much more streamlined process then having to go through and enter the whole thing again,” Stringham says.

The 911 director says his dispatchers get more break-in calls each holiday season.

“There’s less people in town,” Stringham says. “Vacationers aren’t in the area right at this time of year. It’s right between the summer season and the snow season when there is ice and snow.”

If you forgot before you left, you can just call the sheriff’s office at (989)275-5101.

You can also email it to, or mail it to 111 S. Second Street, Roscommon, MI, 48653.

Lastly, you can fax it to (989)275-5843.

They will work to keep your home just as you left it.

“People need to take steps to protect themselves and the property checks are certainly one way to help that.”

“It gives our county residents that leave for the winter or go on any kind of trip peace of mind that their property is being checked and looked over.”

To find the property check form, head to the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office website.