Michigan Farm Market Partners With Local Businesses to Offer Holiday Gift Crates

For families across the country and around the world, the holiday season is a time of giving.

Now a unique, family-owned Michigan company is looking to combine that giving spirit in an effort to support local businesses.

It’s called the Michigan Farm Market.

Founded by Scotty Bruce, and based in Ellsworth, this farm market partners with more than 80 Michigan businesses to put together mail order crates filled with goodies.

It’s a concept quickly gaining popularity across the world.

Bruce decided to take it and turn it into something that can support businesses and communities right here at home.

“Each item is hand-crafted by a different local artisan. This is somebody who takes pride in creating a quality product, but then also crating good jobs in their community and being a part of their Northern Michigan community. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind item,” explained Bruce, Michigan Farm Market co-founder.

The Michigan Farm Market ships to all 50 states.

So if you’d like to gift a little taste of Michigan to someone this holiday season, or if you’re simply looking for something to enjoy yourself, this could be the way to go.

To order your crate now, click here.