Benzie County Food Pantry Receives Generous Meat Donation

A Benzie County food pantry just got an unexpected, but very generous donation.

The Benzie Area Christian Neighbors operate a food pantry that helps people Benzie and part of Manistee County.

A local farmer donated more than 400 pounds worth of ham, sausage and brats to the pantry Monday.

It’s all from a pig they raised and then processed to donate to the pantry, helping local families.

“This is a real treat for our families especially as we move into the holiday season. We were able to provide turkeys over Thanksgiving and we did so many of those that we were a little worried we weren’t going to be able to do hams or that kind of thing for Christmas and this is going to go a long way,” said BACN Fundraising Coordinator Kelly Ottinger.

The meat will be given away to families in need over the next few weeks.