Bannon has House Republicans looking over shoulders for 2018


WASHINGTON (AP) — Steve Bannon is telling people he’s not coming after mainstream House Republicans the way he’s targeting senators with anti-establishment disrupters in primaries.

But many in the House are looking over their shoulders.

President Donald Trump’s ousted strategist is trying to topple Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and incumbents who back him. Bannon and his supporters say McConnell embodies an insufficiently conservative, unproductive party establishment.

The House is a different story, so far.

The House is far larger than the Senate, so it would take huge sums for Bannon to reshape. It’s also where Speaker Paul Ryan has steered bills erasing much of the Obama health law and cutting taxes.

Conservatives may be able to tilt the House rightward simply by running primary candidates in open seats, rather than battling incumbents.

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