Cadillac Businesses Participate in Small Business Saturday

Businesses across northern Michigan are taking part in small business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday follows Black Friday and encourages people to get out and shop local during the holiday season.

Small businesses and small towns were in the spotlight on Small Business Saturday. That included stores throughout downtown Cadillac.

“There’s such and energy and I think it’s an energy amongst a community, amongst the stores and the businesses but it is our biggest day of the year,” said Serendipity owner Michele Bosscher.

It takes weeks of preparation to get ready for Small Business Saturday, but it’s become a day about more than just shopping.

“It supports the people you live with, it supports the people you hang with every day, it’s about supporting them as opposed to somebody you don’t even know. To support the shops that are here is huge because if we don’t’ support them they won’t be here,” said Bosscher.

And businesses say the benefits of Saturday can prove to be long lasting.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for downtown and the small businesses to get a piece of the action after black Friday rolls through all the big stores are getting something. It’s kind of fun because the people who come into the store haven’t been in here before, they didn’t know there was a bike shop in town until they came downtown to the small business thing,” said Allen Garrow, manager of McLain Cycle and Fitness.