Northern Michigan Roads Busy With Holiday Travelers

Whatever the weather conditions outside, it’s not slowing down the holiday travel.

There are a lot of cars on the road as Michiganders make their way across the state to celebrate Thanksgiving

It’s going to be crowded on the freeway, it’s going to be crowded on the two lane,” said Michigan State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno.

It’s one of the busiest travel days of the year, and state police want to remind you to take it slow.

“One of the things that we emphasize is that you want to make sure you drive at prudent speed to begin with. Your relatives want to see you arrive safely, so if you could just slow it down a bit, your reaction time is a little bit better,” explained Sgt. Gorno.

On this weekend last year, 10 people in Michigan died in car accidents.

“Our goal in law enforcement is trying to cut that number to zero,” said Sgt. Gorno.

The roads might be full of vehicles, but MDOT says construction is something you shouldn’t have to navigate around.

“Thankfully by Thanksgiving most of our construction projects are wrapped up for the year, so people shouldn’t be encountering any construction over the weekend,” said James Lake, MDOT Communications.

If you’re making a late night or early morning trip, roads could get icy.

“Drivers on the day before Thanksgiving, or any day really during the winter, need to drive for conditions, so not just based on what they would like conditions to be, but what they actually encounter, and slow down if necessary,” explained Lake.

Sgt. Gorno also says when roads get icy or wet you should not use cruise control.