Big Rapids Woman Seamlessly Using Old Talents For A Good Cause

A woman at a nursing home in Big Rapids is taking on a big project. Sewing hundreds of pillows for a good cause.

The 85-year-old says when she started, she wasn’t even sure if she’d even remember how to use a sewing machine.

Well, safe to say she’s the skill back up… Seamlessly!

Now literally in over her head with a new project that she never imagined would become so big so fast.

“Well, it’s been really crowded laugh,” said Reva Leider.

Filling the floor with more than 700 of these pillows.

“So we have been busy,” she said. “I took some quilt pieces and sewed ‘em together and made a pillow because that was the only thing we could do with ‘em.”

Cutting the shape, stitching the outline, and sewing the pillow together once it’s filled with stuffing.

Reva Leider wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to tackle this project when she first started.

When I came here I couldn’t thread a needle and I thought ‘oh no what am I gonna do,’” she said.

After sewing for about 60 years — she took about 10 years off.

But once she got going again — it was like she never stopped.

“Oh it wasn’t nothing, second nature,” Reva said.

What’s tested her mind the most is piecing the different fabrics together because every single piece of fabric has been donated by the community.

“We didn’t know what we were getting,” she said.

She’s “selling” the pillows at a craft show this weekend. But, they come without a price tag.

The profit she makes from donations will be redirected back to Evergreen Terrace Assisted Living to create more programs.

“Anything to make nice for everybody because it’s our home and for everybody to be happy,” said Reva.

She’s already “sold” 150 pillows, and the money she’s made has helped her buy more stuffing so she can keep making more pillows.

Whichever pillows aren’t sold will be donated to a local children’s hospital or local veterans.

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