Caught on Camera: Police Nab Teen for Multiple Break-Ins in Gaylord

Caught on camera, police say they have this teenager in custody.

They say he’s the one seen breaking into several businesses in Gaylord and businesses in the area say it hasn’t been just one time.

It started back on Halloween and they say the teen became a repeat offender.

For the past several weeks the suspect has been breaking into businesses near the South Park Plaza in Gaylord, unfortunately for the burglar it was all caught on camera.

These cameras were the eye outside that helped police catch the teenager.

Martin Thompson owns the Computer Connection, he’s the one who put them up.

“There’s cameras all over, there’s cameras next door to the car wash dummy, right under his nose, right above his head,” Martin, said.

Martin didn’t want to be on camera himself, but showed off his 360 degree surveillance of the entire strip.

He says he’s seen this same suspect, wearing this same coat three times now.

“He is a stupid criminal, looking at the cameras he knows they are there and he wears this very distinctive coat that is very reflective, he’s identifiable,” Martin, added.

The car wash was the first to get hit, they say the teen broke the front door with a rock, rummaged through the inside but only made off with about $10 in quarters.

“The door busted a couple times and then whoever tried it again, tried to break the window. I know it’s been a good inconvenience to the owner, just to like to see it done and over with,” Wash-N-Go Manager Steven Bruce, said.

It’s been frustrating for businesses in the area to have to worry about these crimes.

“If you ever had anything stolen personally you work hard for, you know its gives you a little grudge against thieves, it ain’t a good way to be,” Bruce, added.

With this suspect now in custody, Martin told his neighbors not to worry.

“They have no worries of anything happening because they know I’m watching, and I’m watching my cameras all the time,” Martin, said.

The name of the suspect has not been released, stay tuned with 9&10 News as we follow the investigation.