Nestle Appealing Osceola Township’s Denial of Booster Pump Request


A packed courtroom in Osceola County Wednesday afternoon as attorneys for both Nestle and Osceola Township went back and forth about the future of a proposed booster station.

The township has denied Nestle’s request to build a booster pump at their well near Evart.

It would allow Nestle to pump 400 gallons of water per minute from the well there, and increase their bottling operation at their Standwood Plant.

Nestle is appealing the denial of the permit that would have allowed that booster pump to be built.

They argued they met every standard for a permit and asked the judge to order the township to issue them either a zoning permit or special land use permit.

Attorneys for the township argued a booster pump does not fall under the zoning ordinance for the area where Nestle wants to build it, and said simply the township has spoken and made the right decision.

“They go through Osceola Township and have to deal with Osceola Township zoning ordinance to do that. We’re working with them. We tried to work with them to find the best fix for that, but so far they’ve not complied with what the zoning ordinance requires,” says Osceola Township’s attorney, William Fahey.

“Given the physical interconnected aspect of the booster pump with the Nestle operation and its need to be installed to help Nestle produce more ground water, Nestle has an extractive operation meeting all the standards for issuance of a special land use permit,” says Nestle’s attorney, Bill Horn.

Nestle also issued a statement saying we raised questions and concerns about the local administrative process that we believe deserved a fair and impartial hearing.

The judge who heard this case will now issue a ruling.

She did not say when that would be.