State Police Continue Search for Missing Couple in Missaukee County

Days have turned into chilling nights as the search for a young Missaukee County couple continues.

State police say Jeff Hurley and Alexandria Foust disappeared three days ago.

Investigators are focusing search efforts near Moorestown around the trails of Dead Stream Swamp, where they found items of clothing from the couple.

Troopers are combing the area on foot and with a helicopter.

As temperatures keep dropping, they say time is everything as they continue searching for them.

Jeff Hurley’s mother Tammy told us the pair had been missing since Tuesday.

That’s when police began making welfare checks when Jeff didn’t show up to work.

She says hunters found Jeff’s car then state police found his car keys, along with other belongings like Alexandria’s purse, some clothes, Jeff’s wallet, and both of their hats.

Tammy says both have had run-ins with the law, but all she cares about is getting them both home safely.

“I want them to bring them out of there, even if they did something wrong or their past. It doesn’t make them not worthy of looking for. They are human beings,” Noel said.

Tammy says she and Alexandria’s parents are set to meet with state police Friday night for an update on the search.

We will keep you posted throughout the evening as we learn more.

Anyone who knows anything that could help find them should call the Houghton Lake State Police post at (989) 422-5103