Homeowners Urged To Clean Heating Sources

It’s a good time to get wood and pellet stoves, along with chimneys cleaned for the season, to prevent fires.

“When the snow flies, the phone goes off the hook because everyone’s trying to burn right now,” says Terry Martin, owners of Heritage Chimney Sweeps.

The first snow has landed in northern Michigan and that means everyone is trying to heat their homes.

Here in northern Michigan, that includes a lot of wood and pellet stoves.

“Its cold outside, you have to have it, there’s no way of getting around it and because we don’t have natural gas. The pellet heat is phenomenal in the thousand square feet, so it heats up quickly,” says Mike Dean, homeowner.

But it’s important to keep them clean.

“If they clean it properly, they can use it. If they don’t, it can start a fire, they can lose their house as a result. But a lot of people get anxious and they realize they have a problem like smoke backs into the room,” says Martin.

That’s why companies like Heritage Chimney Sweep, urge people to get their heating sources cleaned once a year.

“A big problem is people burn low fires a lot. It’s not a really hot fire, you cool the gases down and there is that creosote and it starts to form on the sides and it starts bulking inward,” says Martin.

Dean added, “With a pellet stove, you can have a chimney fire, but also it’s the maintenance that you have to do. The soot can build up in it and then the ashes can turn into a concrete.”

And professionals like Terry Martin are here to help.

“Do an inspection, brush it down, come inside with the vacuum system that is made especially for chimney and clean out the stove. Get your chimney checked and by a profession that can tell you how to make it safer for yourself,” says Martin.


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