Ferris State University Launches Campaign to Raise Funds for Students

“We are looking to see how we can make our area of west Michigan a better place.”

A big goal at Ferris State University to help its students, and its community.

“Now and always” is the motto behind a new campaign aimed at raising money for the school.

The goal is to raise $80 million.

FSU’s president says that money will go toward a variety of projects to help the students, the campus and the school overall.

Including providing better scholarship support, improving and expanding programs, renovating buildings and adding new ones, and growing stronger partnerships throughout the community.

“The need for our students and for our programs is right now.  So we want to make a difference for Ferris students right now.  But the idea of always is that we are looking to make a lasting contribution in our educational efforts and or endowment for student scholarships and the difference we make in students’ lives,” David Eisler, president, Ferris State University said.

To learn more about this campaign, and how you can help, click here.

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