40th Annual Cadillac Band Booster Craft and Hobby Show Benefiting Local Students

The Cadillac Band Booster Craft and Hobby Show is attracting vendors from all over the state this weekend.

They’re celebrating a big milestone Saturday – it’s 40th annual event.

The Band Boosters were able to raise about $4,000 last year.

All that money is funneled right back to the Cadillac band program.

“We pretty much raised enough money so that everyone in the band could go and just have fun, we marched in the parade there,” said trumpet player and senior at Cadillac High School, JP Creed.

From performing across the country — to new uniforms, the homecoming tailgate, new instruments and band camp — this fundraiser is a significant part of this program’s success.

“If it wasn’t for this craft show I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” said Creed. “I wouldn’t be able to go on any of these trips, I wouldn’t be able to be with the band most of the time cuz band is like one big family.”

Tomorrow at the craft show, the cars at Fox Motors of Cadillac will be replaced with art, jewelry, food and more.

Each vendor paid a $100 fee to participate — going directly to the band.

“Because with the budgets the way they are with the school systems this is just a supplement for that to help pay for all the extra things they cannot pay for in their school budgets,” said Band Booster president, Christine Nelson.

Chris Fisher will be showcasing her artwork tomorrow: rings, bracelets, and necklaces made from wire.

“I do it not as a hobby but as a way of life because art has been incorporated into my life so much,” she said.

She used to be an art teacher at Cadillac Area Public Schools, and her class room was actually right next to the band room.

“It promotes the arts within the public schools and the kids need that to keep productive and interesting young children and adults and it’s just an important part of their life the arts are critical,” said Fisher.

The show will be at Fox Motors of Cadillac from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday.

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