President Trump Calls On Chinese President To Pressure North Korea To Stop Nuclear Program

President Trump is in China Thursday morning, calling on Chinese President Xi to pressure North Korea to stop their nuclear program.

The two leaders say they’ve agreed on the need to implement all United Nations Security Council resolutions.

China is North Korea’s largest trading partner, so President Trump is pushing for the country to step up economic pressure and stop trade with the rogue nation.

Meanwhile, President Trump is looking to improve the U.S. trade deal with China.

He believes the previous policies were unfair to the U.S. and caused an imbalance between superpowers.

China says they are willing to start importing more American energy products, like natural gas, and possibly agricultural products, like beef and cotton.

President Trump does not blame china for the unfair policy, but instead blames previous U.S. presidents for not acting sooner.

On his tour of Asia, President Trump will also stop in Vietnam, where he plans to meet with Russian President Putin to discuss nuclear threats.

He will also travel to the Philippines.