Plow Trucks Continue Flashing Green Lights; Police Remind Others Not To Use Them

Although Traverse City is not seeing as much snow as Kalkaska, road commission trucks are still out working on the roads.

And they want drivers to notice something specific about their trucks.

It’s the green flashing lights.

The Grand Traverse Road Commission says they are game changers in this weather.

“The green stands out; it’s very pronounced.”

These green lights came about last year when Michigan lawmakers passed a law making these lights illegal for everyone but municipality trucks.

“Green there’s a few things that stand out about it the wavelength is a little but longer. They are much more visible through the snow dust and through the blowing snow things like that has that brightness to it,” Tobin Javin, superintendent, Grand Traverse County Road Commission said.

The Grand Traverse Road Commission says it creates less problems.

“We believe that it is safer and it does get a better reaction from people trying to tailgate people possibly trying to pass on the right hand side which is illegal and very, very dangerous,” Javin said.

But they have seen other residential and commercial businesses using these lights too. Which is concerning.

“It’s a law for one, also we don’t want it to become the norm.”

It separates us from everyone else; it gives us that little bit of a buffer and that  extra safety, that added safety component that we’re the only ones that have R 22 40, so you’re going to know what this truck is when it’s coming down the road,”Javin said.

Michigan State Police says it’s not a big problem but they are looking out for those using the green lights illegally.

“It’s a civil infraction. It’s all about safety and visibility,” David Prichard, MSP, Cadillac Post said.

Michigan State Police say when you see a truck with green flashing lights, you should slow down.




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