Emmet County Road Commission Prepares to Tackle Winter Weather

With snow expected to pile up, crews across Northern Michigan are preparing to make sure roads are safe for drivers.

Garages are filled to the brim with sand and road salt, as crews have been loading their trucks up throughout the afternoon.

The road commission tells us they have their entire fleet ready to go.

“Right now obviously we are expecting to send our entire crew out, we got 23 trucks ready to go,” Brian Gutowski, manager, Emmet County Road Commission said.

A winter weather advisory in effect and by 3:30 Thursday morning, a full fleet from the Emmet County Road Commission will be clearing roads throughout the county.

They spent Wednesday preparing for the expected overnight build-up.

“Our mechanics are getting our trucks ready. We’re gonna start preloading trucks with salt. We’ve got chloride tanks on the side. We’re going to put some pre-wet material in those. We have an anti-icing truck and our anti icing truck driver will start treating some of our curved areas and some hills,” Gutowski said.

Curved roads will get the most treatment, and with some updated technology from MDOT, crews across Northern Michigan will get specified information on the best methods for treatment.

“One of those systems is a maintenance decision support system, it helps are operators make decisions when they should start plowing, how much salt they should apply, when they should switch to sand,” James Lake, communications representative, MDOT said.

Cameras and data collectors will provide the hard working crews with up to the minute information.

“A lot of the crews that are working for the county roads and cities, they’ve got a lot of experience, a lot of real world experience, this just complements that experience and knowledge that they have, and gives them one more tool to rely on when making those decisions,” Lake said.

Emmet County Road Commission says they will have crews ready to go at 9 Wednesday night, and have multiple trucks on the road as soon as the snow begins to fall.