Bond Proposal on the Ballot Could Bring Millions to Big Rapids Public Schools

It’s Election Day and voters will be lining up to cast their ballots on several critical bond issues.

Big Rapids Public Schools is asking voters for $26 million to be spent over the course of five years.

“The investments in infrastructure are focused on roof replacements. We have $2.6 million in roofs that need to be repaired. We have focus on making sure that we’re improving drainage in our different facilities,” explained Big Rapids Public Schools Superintendent, Tim Haist.

And to add to their current soccer field and practice football field into the stadium.

Right now the football games are held at Ferris State University.

“We have focus on a new multi-use stadium, multi-purpose stadium that would provide opportunities for more than 60 events per year whether that be marching band, track and field, soccer, football,” said Haist.

Also wanting to add more security cameras and group learning spaces.

Plus, buy enough technology for each student to have their own in the classroom.

The last time Big Rapids Public Schools passed a bond proposal was in 1996.

“Our board is very conservative,” said Haist. “They wouldn’t have perused a bond proposal unless they truly felt that this was something we needed to do for our kids and for our schools.”

It would cost $145 per year, for a homeowner whose home value is $50,000.

If it doesn’t pass, it’s a bridge they’ll cross if needed.

“We will have to look at is there a certain reason why it didn’t pass,” explained Haist. “Were there items that our community didn’t see as needed? If it doesn’t pass, we’re still able to maintain. We have a great school system. We’ve got great staff, great kids, great community, we’ll be able to maintain. We just want to get better, and we want to provide better opportunities for our kids.”

Changes would start to be made at Big Rapids Public Schools in 2018 if passed.

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