Old Mission Peninsula School Curriculum Plans, Enrollment Discussed With Public

One of Northern Michigan’s newest charter schools was the topic of discussion by many Monday night.

Dozens listened as the university that now owns it laid out their game plan.

The Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation met with the public to update them on the progress of a school that received a new lease on life back in July.

That’s when the Old Mission Peninsula School became a charter school through Grand Valley State University.

The school announced the members of its school board and also discussed a new two-three week curriculum, along with the announcement of enrollment of intent forms becoming available.

Representatives from the National Charter School Institute and GVSU said the school is operating right on track and took questions.

“I think it’s really important, when we are talking about community, when we are talking about school and we are talking about children that we actually get together in the same room and be able to share the information,” says Allison O’Keefe, president of the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation.

The school has set a fundraising goal of $2 million by Jan. 1.

The first school board meeting will in the first week of December.