Northern Michigan Churches, Defense Experts Discuss Security Following Texas Shooting

With the tragedy that struck Texas, the conversation in Northern Michigan churches now revolves around the issue of safety.

Pastor Rusty Chatfield, of Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church in Alanson, says, “Five years ago, we didn’t think about this, but in the last 5 years, we have been thinking about it,”

It’s a discussion now at the forefront.

“Our church isn’t big enough where could hire security, but we did talk about it,” Pastor Chatfield, said.

At Northern Michigan Christian academy, he is speaking with students about the issue.

“It’s a sad thing, normally speaking you have the doors open for people coming into the church now we got have security to prevent people from coming in. If they don’t get in, they don’t hear the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Pastor Chatfield, added.

Covenant Defense, a Traverse City based company trains organizations, specifically churches.

Founder Colby Taylor says leaders to need to be more active in their preparation.

“What we see a lot of churches doing is passive measures of security, surveillance cameras, fancy doors, and metal detectors. They are not going to solve the problem,” Taylor, said.

“If someone enters that building with the intent of harming individuals, none of those things are going to stop it. Humans are more important than hardware./  training is the most important thing,” Taylor, added.

Dr. Steven Bucci is a consultant for Covenant Defense, he has decades of experience working in the Pentagon.

He says the hand to hand training they teach is now a necessity.

“Prevention and preparation doesn’t make paranoid, it makes you better able to better deal with a situation if god forbid it does happen. Most people just assume, we live in idealistic Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, nothing bad could happen here. They thought that down there in Sutherland Springs, Texas as well,” Bucci said.

If you are interested in Covenant Defense’s training you can visit their website here.