Village of Beulah Gets New Charm After Nearly Half A Million Dollar Renovation

The village of Beulah, getting the finishing touches of a much needed makeover.

After seven years and close to half a million dollars, the community is proud to see their town look so welcoming.

“This is going to be the finishing touch to make people really want to come down and spend time here, it’s so cute,” said Mary Perzigian, owner of Luna Boutique.

A project seven years in the making with a goal to make Beulah more beautiful and attract more people.

“It involves doing new sidewalk, new curb and gutter, we put in brick pavers, new light poles, all underground utilities now there’s no more overhead wiring,” said Cody Bowers, Village of Beulah superintendent.

“We have the lake which already brings a lot of people here but new sidewalks, making it safer for people to walk around town, new road services because we had pot holes and things that had shown up in the old road,” said Bowers.

Along with grants, they have been putting money aside for the almost half million dollar project.

And during the process, they involved all the businesses finding out what they want to see.

“We had to bite the bullet a little bit, the store owners here, because you knew without sidewalks and people having a way to get in your store, that it was going to be problematic so some of us had to close for a while, a few days here a few days there but one when you go and look at the finished project it’s all worth it,” said Perzigian.

The community is happy to see Beulah back to the way it was for so many years.

“This is one of the biggest improvements Beulah has had in a long time,” said Bowers.

“The way the downtown was redone actually makes it even more charming than the town was before,” said Perzigian. “I think it’s the missing piece to the puzzle.”

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