Traverse City’s Iconic State Theatre Celebrates 10 Years Since Renovation


Ten years of popcorn popping and endless hours of entertainment at an iconic theatre.

Traverse City’s State Theatre holds more than 100 years of history.

But the 10 year anniversary of the renovation and reopening has those dedicated to the theatre’s mission reminiscing.

The theatre may be in the same spot, but a lot has changed since the first opening in July of 1916.

Two fires, different owners and names, but it has remained a favorite for many.

“The State Theatre just seemed like it was an adventure that we all wanted to help out with,” volunteer Sally Michel said.

Ten years ago this month, the State Theatre reopened its doors.

And Michel started her days volunteering at the box office.

“It’s also fun to be part of team of people which we all sort of feel like we are. We’re really proud of this theater and we’ve all put in lots of hours at different times just because we want it to be a success and we’re proud of it here in the city,” Michel said.

No matter how much has changed over the years, the hard work and team work from volunteers has remained the same.

“Everyone helped, there were doctors taking weeks off so they could help us lay tile, there were single moms with their kids coming in to help up remove the old theatre seats and load them into trucks,” Deb Lake, executive director, State Theatre and Traverse City Film Festival said.

And while the curtain closes on the first ten years, everyone is looking forward to the next ten.

“I hope we just continue and I hope that the energy within the town continues to support it,” Michel said.

The celebrations continue Saturday with a special night at the theatre with Michael Moore.

It is sold out but they said they will have a standby line if you don’t have a ticket yet.