Isabella County Woman Accused of Child Abuse After Baby Dies in Bed

An Isabella County woman is facing child abuse charges after her baby died in her bed.

Back in August, police say Erica Houghton went to sleep with her 7-week-old son by her side.

When she woke up, Baby Bentley was dead.

She called police and deputies responded to the home on East Rosebush Road in Isabella Township.

They tried to revive him, but were unsuccessful.

In court documents, police say the living conditions are awful and that the home is covered in feces and bugs.

When deputies arrived they say Houghton told police she killed her baby.

She said she’d been working all day washing pots and pans at the casino and was very tired.

She went to bed with her son Bentley, her other 2-year-old son and her boyfriend.

Houghton says she woke up with her head at the opposite side of the bed and the baby covered by a blanket.

That’s when she found him dead and called 911.

Police say when asked, Houghton said she’d never received information on safe sleeping practices, but hospital records show that’s not true.

Now, neighbors are feeling sorry for the family.

“My heart goes out to both Erica and Kyle and all the family on that. The baby was in bed with her and the other young child. I was listening as she was talking to the police and Kyle was sleeping up against the wall and Erica was on the outside of it and they had the two children between them. Women have slept with her babies since time began. We just do that,” said friend Marla Cione.

Houghton is facing second and first-degree child abuse charges, among others.