Cadillac Fire Department Gets Important Equipment That Will Help Prevent Cancer

The Cadillac Fire Department has gotten some new equipment that is going to help prevent cancer, all thanks to a local church and the community.

The department received over $9,000 from the Resurrection Life Church in 2016.

The church chooses a cause to support each year with their holiday funds and decided to help the department with their cancer prevention initiative

Other community businesses stepped up and donated as well to the cancer prevention initiative.

With over $20,000, the department was able to buy a commercial washing machine and heated drying cabinet specially made for fire gear.

The fire marshall says this equipment will get rid of toxins that gets into gear after fighting a fire and will hopefully prevent cancer.

“To be able to get that stuff out of our gear and protect ourselves from it, we can hopefully give our guys a long career, a healthy prosperous career. Problems a lot of time don’t show up overnight, it can show up r after they may retire,” says Anthony Wolff, fire marshall.

The department wants to thank all who supported them to make this happen.