Community Giving Day Kicks Off in Big Rapids

The seventh annual Community Giving Day kicked off in Big Rapids Thursday.

Community Giving Day is an event aimed at helping local non-profits by bringing them together under one roof.

The Habitat for Humanity, animal shelters, schools and local churches were joined by community members who came out to donate to their favorite organization, or maybe one they didn’t know of before.

The annual event gives people a chance to make a difference in their own community, and organizers say the turnout is never disappointing.

“We are just amazed every year. We get the final tally in, and really, the final number is not as significant as the feeling when the number of people show up,” said Mike Mohnke, Mecosta County Community Foundation.

Abigail Wolak, a student with the Mecosta County Youth Advisory Council said, “We have a really well community that works together very well and it’s just nice to have everyone come together.”

The goal every year is to raise $1 million.

They should have the final numbers in the next few days.