Treetops Resort Prepares for Upcoming Season

The snowfall in Gaylord may be new, but local ski resorts have been preparing for this weather all year.

Treetops Resort in Gaylord says they’re ready and excited for skiers.

They’re checking snow guns, doing preventative maintenance and even have a new groomer.

Employees at the resort say the recent snowfall means it’s time to get your skis and snowboards waxed, sharpened and ready to go for the upcoming season.

“We’re very excited to see the snow. We have the snow guns out in anticipation for some colder weather. We’re excited to get the ski season going,” said Doug Hoeh, mountain manager at Treetops.

Employees at Treetops say they’ve increased their snow-making capacity by 20 percent this year, and by adding a new groomer to their fleet, they’ll be able to make and spread more snow over the slopes.