Social Media Companies Prepare To Testify Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Social media companies are preparing to testify on Capitol Hill Wednesday, on Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google will take the stand before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday.

Facebook says a group from Russia, called the Internet Research Agency, used their platform to post more than 80,000 times both before and after the election.

Nearly 30 million Facebook users received that Russian content directly.

The content may have reached nearly 126 million people total, through shared posts and “liked” ads.

Twitter says it suspended more than 2,700 accounts linked to that same Russian group.

Both companies say the problem is a global threat which may involve other countries aside from Russia.

The social media executives spoke in front of a Senate sub-committee Tuesday.

They will be back on Capitol Hill Wednesday to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee.