Mid Michigan Community Action Agency Facing Delay in Funding for Heat Assistance

Statewide community action agencies now face a critical delay in funding for their heat assistance programs.

Mid Michigan Community Action Agency in Farwell is among the 29 agencies that will now have to wait.

Executive director Jill Sutton tells us they run their heat assistance program annually to help provide fuel including wood and propane tanks, and even help with meters and electricity.

Each year they distribute $1.2 million worth of grant money through their heat assistance program, serving more than 1,600 people throughout counties like Clare, Gladwin, Mecosta and more.

But this year’s money met with delays at both the federal and state levels, so only about $100,000 has come in so far.

Sutton tells us it’s because the federal grant is cycling through the state before it reaches the agencies.

But with cold weather already here there isn’t much time to wait, especially in Northern Michigan.

“So right now we’re just worried for our families, especially our vulnerable population like our seniors, the children, people with disabilities. It’s rough right now, so we’re really hopping this money comes in soon,” explained Sutton.

The Mid Michigan Community Action Agency, among other agencies, just hopes the funds it was promised are released.