Health Insurance Premiums Will Rise, Open Enrollment Is Here

People in Michigan who purchase their own health insurance could see an average price hike of 27 percent on premiums.

Open enrollment for next year under the Affordable Care Act started Wednesday and goes through December 15th.

And there are many places in Northern Michigan you can go if you need help with the process.

We spoke with Munson Healthcare to talk about the cost of insurance going up.

They tell us that as costs go up, it affects personal finances in areas other than health care

“We certainly worry that as costs go up, some people will drop insurance,” said Ed Ness, president of Munson Healthcare. “Which from a health perspective is really not ideal, we think it’s much better if people have insurance. They receive care to manage their chronic conditions before it gets to the point of being in the emergency room.”

For more information if you need help signing up, you can call 231-935-5886, email or click here.