Evart City Hall Relocated Due to Mold Assessment

“The original report I am thinking it will take three to four months.”

Mold forced Evart City Hall to close to the public and move its operations.

It could be months before the issue’s fixed.

The city of Evart says a mold assessment showed elevated mold spores in city hall.

Now, city workers are working out of the airport terminal building on 100th Avenue.

With the solution taking around three to four months to solve, the city is getting a second opinion on that assessment.

And, depending on whether this mold issue is covered by insurance, city hall could move into an entirely different building.

“We have been here for approximately a day and a half. If it’s going to work out for us once we move one party that was in here and then we can move the rest of our stuff in here and then we can move the rest of our stuff in here, but we are open for business,” Zachary Szakacs, Evart City Manager said.

The city wants everyone to know their phone numbers have not changed, just their location.