Elk Rapids High School Band Members Kick Off Halloween Night with Flash Mob

Streets may be quiet as a graveyard now, but Elk Rapids decided to start trick-or-treating with a flash.

A flash mob that is!

A horde of Elk Rapids High School band members dressed up as zombies and invaded the downtown area.

The marchers performed a thrilling tune and haunting dance of the dead for community members out for their annual candy collection.

Band director Nick Anderson says the ghoulish concert is a great way to show off the kids’ hard work.

“Not everybody’s going to be at a Friday night football game, plus this is a great way to involve the entire community,” said Anderson. “So this is a great way just to expose the arts and music and just bringing that community together, it’s just one big family.”

The Elks plan to continue their zombie tradition after seeing how infectious it’s become over four years.