Otsego Co. Police, EMS Remind Drivers to Be Cautious As Winter Weather Arrives

Otsego County has seen some decent snowfall, making a good chance for their roads to end up pretty slippery Tuesday night .

The roads are soaked with slush as the snow continues to fall in Gaylord.

First responders in Otsego County say they’ve been responding to calls non-stop.

“It’s been a busy day that’s for sure,” Doug Fopma, Otsego County EMS and Rescue said.

Since early Tuesday morning, police and emergency personnel have received too many calls to count

“As soon as daybreak, basically 6 o’ clock this morning we had the start of numerous vehicles, either just sliding off, spinning out of control or crashes such as this,” Trooper Michael Ealy, Michigan State Police said.

From rollovers to runoffs, and even crashes such as when a truck lost control and smashed into an unmarked state police car on Charles Brink Road.

Police say the first major snowfall is showing that drivers need to be better prepared.

“People just need to remember, you see that white stuff coming down, its slippery, slow down, take your time, plan a little ahead of time for your schedule, don’t brake excessively, steer in the direction you  want your vehicle to go if you feel you are losing control,” Ealy said.

As temperatures cool and the road begins to ice over, the amount of people that will be on the streets for Halloween is also a concern.

“When it’s wet out or snowing and it’s dark and Halloween with a lot of kids in dark clothing without reflective gear in their winter clothes, it’s always a huge concern, they are hard to see, and it’s hard to see with the rain and snow coming down in the dark, we just hope everybody’s careful,” Fopma said.

Careful on roads that will likely be tough to travel.

“We all have to get our winter legs again, it seems like we all forget over the summer how to drive that’s for sure, us included,” Fopma said.

A towing company in Gaylord has been helping pull cars from the side of the road.

When asked if they would be willing to do an interview, their response: we are just way too busy today.