Ferris State Professor Awaiting to See Special Prosecutor’s Response Amid Russia Investigation

A political science professor at Ferris State University gave us some insight into the Russia investigation.

Professor Christian Peterson tells us although the indictments for Gates and Manafort were related to financial transactions, it’s the relationship with the Trump campaign currently fueling speculation there could be more.

But Peterson stresses the indictments do not involve any Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

And like much of the nation, his eyes remain glued on this story, to see what the special prosecutor does next.

“You have to think about what the special prosecutor is going to do. Everyone is trying to guess this, is he going to continue this investigation and try to dig deeper in the relationship with the Trump campaign or possibly even expand its people serving in the Trump administration,” Peterson said.

Two people familiar with the matter say the president is now becoming increasingly concerned the probe could move into his personal dealings.