HeadWaters Land Conservancy in Gaylord Awarded $18k for Winter Recreation

A Northern Michigan conservancy group was awarded a grant to help families around the area be more active this winter.

United Healthcare awarded $18,000 to the Gaylord based HeadWaters Land Conservancy.

The group is purchasing a trailer and filling it with snowshoes, binoculars, and other outdoor recreation items to provide for families who may not be able to afford rentals.

It’s a big deal for HeadWaters who say this is something desperately needed in the community.

“We dream big and this is what we wanted, because a lot of families cannot afford to do rental on snowshoes or they don’t have five pairs of binoculars or sleds and everything to get outside to see nature. We knew this was something very much needed,” HeadWaters Outreach Coordinator Judy Koronka, said.

HeadWaters was the only Northern Michigan group to get a portion of the grant — they say the trailer will be available for families to use this winter.