Gaylord St. Mary Football Continues Unbeaten Run, Inspired By Teammate Recovering From Brain Infection

In the midst of a historic, undefeated season the Gaylord St. Mary football team is gaining inspiration from one of their own.

About eight weeks into their unbeaten year, the Snowbirds’ junior tail-back Alex Cherry came down with a mysterious infection, leaving it difficult for him to talk or walk.

For the first seven weeks of the season, fans spent a lot of time cheering for #2.

Alex Cherry helped lead his team to an unbeaten start, but seemingly overnight, he faced his toughest challenge yet.

“He came down with a real bad, what seemed like a stomach flu. Didn’t really think much of it, until three days in and he realized he couldn’t walk and his words weren’t coming out right,” Laura Cherry, Alex’s mom, said.

Alex’s parents rushed him to the hospital, fearing the worst.

“There were times that he was laying there in the hospital bed and he’s saying I’m very sick, I’m going to die,” Laura, added.

Doctors determined it was an infection of the cerebellum, the part of the brain which controls motor skills.

The good news is that Alex will be ok, but it’s going to take some hard work.

“He’s really made a lot of improvements, just this weekend he started walking more on his own, so we are sure everything is going to come. We just got to keep working for it,” Laura, explained.

Throughout his recovery, his football team has continued their unbeaten streak through the postseason.

Now at 10-0, they continue to draw inspiration from one of their toughest teammates and friends.

“We just know that he wishes he could be out there with us and we wish he was out there with us, we just play for him, play our hearts out for him,” Senior Teammate and Friend Cal Gilling, said.

“It’s almost like you want to play for him, it’s sad and hard but at the same time it’s like we got to go out there and win for Alex. We got to do it for Alex,” Teammate Nic Breckow, added.

Gaylord St. Mary will take on Frankfort in their playoff matchup this week and Alex will be at the game watching.