Cadillac Families Trick-or-Treat Through Snow

The snow falling did not stop ghouls and goblins from heading out to get an early start on their Halloween fun.

Trick-or-treating through downtown Cadillac businesses has become a tradition for hundreds of families and Monday’s snow did not slow things down.

“It’s just fun seeing the kids dressed up and laughing and getting out of their comfort zone and having to talk to people in the community that they normally wouldn’t have to see. It is really awesome meeting all the business owners downtown,” said Amanda Siggins.

For drivers, the snows means brushing up on winter driving and simply being more alert on the roads.

“I’m a lot more cautious about others in the first snow of the season. I’m aware of my driving abilities and recognizing the hazards of the slippery and requiring a longer stopping distance, but not everybody else is and I think that’s why we tend to see a disproportionate number of accidents early on,” said Tom Sutton.

And what’s the best advice as much of northern Michigan prepares for the first snow of the season?

“Slow down, take your time, leave a little earlier than you normally would so you don’t get in an accident,” said Sutton.

Trick-or-treating in snow