Santa’s From Across the World Visit Reindeer Farm in Clare

If you’re jolly Saint Nick it is truly never too early to start getting ready for Christmas.

Hundreds of Santa’s from around the world gathered today at Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm in Clare to do just that.

The jolly, red and white bearded fellows went through training and brainstormed ideas all to bring back to the North Pole.

Being Santa takes a lot more than  just have white beard and being able to give a good “ho, ho, ho.”

The men in red need to spend hours working with reindeer before their sleighs can safely take flight around the world.

They’ve been coming to work with the ones in Clare for the past five years.

“A bunch of them called and wanted to know if they can see the reindeer,” Farm Owner Dave Aldrich, said.

Dave Aldrich has raised reindeer for two decades, he says there’s a lot for Kris Kringle takes away from today.

“It makes a lot of difference when they are talking to the children. What are reindeers like?  What their hooves are like? Their antlers. They can tell them about their teeth and things like that, it’s a lot of fun for the Santa’s to be able to do this,” Aldrich, explained.

For the aspiring Saint Nick’s, who have maybe just got their beard, it’s a chance to learn from the senior Santa’s.

“Between clothing and education and voice, I just started turning white so I looked in the mirror and said let’s do it!” A Santa from Virginia, said.

Don’t think women were left out, today was also an important day for Mrs. Claus as well.

“I like looking at the different outfits it gives me a good idea of what I can improve on, and I like seeing their cheer and how they support their Santa’s,” A Michigan Mrs. Claus, added.

You can visit the reindeer in Clare each weekend this winter, before they have to make their way to the North Pole.