Grayling Residents Give Thanks, Send Cards For Soldiers Overseas

People of all ages and backgrounds wrote letters on Saturday as part of the Cards for Soldiers program.

The program, now based out of Grayling, sends well wishes, thank yous, and Christmas cards to troops stationed around the world.

They also send blank cards, so the soldiers can write letters back home.

“My goal was 100,000 this year and I think we exceeded that laughs,” Cards for Soldiers Founder Charly Mathews, said.

Charly Mathews is a disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, she started cards for soldiers more than 10 years ago when her husband was stationed in the Middle East.

“I was sending cards to my husband and his buddies for the six months they were over there. He came back and some of his buddies stayed over and they wanted cards so we just kept making cards. It’s just snowballed since then,” Mathews, added.

Charly now ships cards to more than 100,000 troops with the help of volunteers from across the US.

Saturday in Grayling, people came out to hand craft the blank cards the soldiers will get, while also packing these boxes with handwritten Christmas cards and thank you notes.

8 year-old Grayling Residents Lahken and Allie Rae both have family members in the armed forces.

“My brother is going to the US Army,” Lahken, said.

“My uncle adam works there now, but my dad used to be in the army. I just feel bad when they protect us and we don’t thank them for it,” Allie, added.

The troops and their families say they’re truly grateful when they get these cards.

“They can sometimes barely get a piece of paper to write on. I had one wife tell me her husband writes her more than he’s ever written her before because he’s got the cards available,” Mathews, said.

To find out more about Cards for Soldiers, you can click here to visit their Facebook page.