Traverse City Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For M-72 Solar Panel Project

Traverse City is now one step closer to running entirely off of renewable energy.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday to celebrate the completion of the M-72 solar project.

It’s a combined effort between the city, Traverse City Light and Power, and Heritage Sustainable Energy.

Last December, the city adopted a resolution to have all city operations powered completely by renewable energy sources by 2020.

3,400 solar panels were installed as part of this project but this is just the start.

“We’ve got a really good team of experts we’re calling the green team people from various organizations within the city staff, people from light and power, all meeting to brainstorm how we can take advantage of whatever opportunity we have to meet these goals,” said Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers.

The solar panels are on 5.5 acres near the M-72 wind turbine.