Petoskey Apartment Stand-Off Details Surface After Man Arrested

A standoff now over after police worked for nearly seven hours to get a man to come out of his apartment.

That man is behind bars after Petoskey Department of Public Safety officers say he barricaded himself in his apartment after assaulting an officer last night.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was on-scene at the Traverse Woods apartments Friday night when police arrested him.

“A couple bangs, like pops,” says Donna Yoder, who lives near the man’s apartment. “It was hours, trying to get him out.”

The parking lot of the Traverse Woods apartment complex was a much different scene Saturday than it was the night before.

That’s when tenants like Yoder saw it fill with flashing police lights.

“There was umpteen amount of police officers here from different branches, lots of guns,” Yoder says. “I received a call from [my caregiver company], the owner, and she asked if I had my doors unlocked and I said I did.”

Petoskey police say it started with a call about a breaking and entering.

When an officer responded, they found the man outside.

“While investigating that, he had contact with a gentleman,” says Lt. Adrian Karr. “There was an altercation that ensued from there.”

Officers say the man then pulled out what appeared to be a knife.

He says the officer asked him to drop it, and when he didn’t, used a TASER twice.

“The gentleman then retreated back to his apartment where he barricaded himself in,” Lt. Karr says. “We took every precaution necessary. We contacted the ERT team, who responded and were able to make contact and negotiate with the gentleman.”

Investigators say the man ran out of his apartment after nearly seven hours of negotiations.

Officers TASED him again and arrested him.

Detectives say the man had three knives and a BB-handgun.

“There were no shots fired throughout this and the public is not in any way in any kind of harm,” Lt. Karr says.

We spoke with the man’s family, who did not want to go on camera.

They say he has a history of mental health issues.

Police and tenants say the family helped talk him out.

“They did everything to help him and to get him to come out,” Yoder says.

The man now faces several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting police.

Another charge, resisting and obstructing, is being requested by investigators.

Those who live in the complex hope nights like last night don’t happen again.

“I hope that he gets good care and that the truth comes out, for him and his family.”