Grand Traverse Co. ‘Battle Of The Books’ Invites Kids To Read, Compete

“There’s no greater skill that we can teach these students than the skill of communication.”

Teaching communication in the most creative way possible — that’s the goal of the National Writers Series with the “Battle of the Books.”

The battle puts fourth and fifth graders to the task of reading books as a team, and then challenges them on the knowledge of the books.

The National Writers Series held an informational session Saturday inside the Traverse Area District Library in Traverse City.

Kids and their parents learned how to sign up and how the battle works.

Past competitors also talked about their experiences.

Organizers say it’s a fun way to take a different approach to reading.

“We believe in teaching young people how to make a life through reading and writing and to really bring books to life, and the battle of the books does that,” says Doug Stanton, National Writers Series founder and author.

“What is exciting about this program is we are getting kids to read, and enjoy reading and finding new books and genres they might not normally read,” says Marcy Lindberg, program coordinator for “Battle of the Books,” Grand Traverse.

If you or your child are interested in joining the battle, their link provides directions to signing up.