Court Documents Suggest Suspect Took Money From Little League to Support Gambling Habit

A former little league treasurer is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars.

Julie Ann Gray was arrested Thursday after police say she embezzled more than $80,000 from the Petoskey Little League.

Court documents show the long time little league board member had been using league money to fuel her gambling habit.

According to court documents, a light bank account is what tipped off Petoskey Little League President William Hartson this June.

Hartson and league vice-president Janet Shuman did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Shuman cited a statement on the league’s Facebook page.

According to the affidavit, Julie gray was responsible for all of the leagues income, this year league members noticed they were missing all of the money that’s typically taken in from the concession stands; $8,000.

The court documents also show Gray made a number of fraudulent withdrawals from the league account over several years, police said within minutes of each, cash deposits were made into Gray’s personal account on 16 occasions.

The biggest cash withdrawals came from an ATM at the Odawa Casino.

The affidavit also shows, since 2005, Gray has lost close to a quarter of a million dollars gambling at the Petoskey casino.

In the three months prior to being investigated, she lost more than $17,000.

In the document it says Gray’s attorney says that she has a gambling addiction.

We reached out to dozens of people in the community, most refused comment, a source who wanted to remain anonymous said she was a well-respected volunteer and they are saddened and shocked by the allegations.

Gray is out on bond, she is scheduled to be back in court in November.