Mason Co. Woman Killed In Crash After Car Hit Tree, Deputies Investigating

“It’s tough losing anyone, but when you lose young people, it seems to add a little extra sting,” says Sheriff Kim Cole, Mason County.

A hunter stumbled across a gruesome scene after a car rammed into a tree.

The sheriff says he and first responders did not arrive in time to save its 19-year-old driver.

The Mason County sheriff says they found 19-year-old Audrey Miller dead after that hunter gave dispatchers directions.

With no witnesses, deputies say the events that led up to the crash may remain a mystery.

Audrey Miller was driving westbound on Hasenbank Road just before Stark Road, north of Free Soil.

Investigators could tell she tried to steer to the left, then to the right before hitting the tree.

The rest of the details, according to the sheriff, remain shrouded in mystery.

“I don’t know if some of those questions will ever be answered,” Cole says.

Sheriff Cole says what happened before the crash that killed Audrey Miller leaves more questions than answers.

What he does know: the car wasn’t there long.

“The car was still running when he got there,” Cole says. “The first deputy that arrived on the scene was actually in that area on another complaint. So he was at the call in four or five minutes.”

Investigators have ruled out several possibilities, including hitting an animal.

As for Miller’s cell phone, Cole says that was also considered not a factor.

“We did recover a cellphone that was not turned on so we can rule out any cell phone involvement,” Cole says.

Miller had also been wearing her seatbelt and the sheriff says alcohol is not a factor.

“It’s so sad, someone so young,” says Shirley Olenchak, who has lived near that road for 55 years.

Olenchak lives in a rural area nearby, who woke up to a far from typical scene.

“We had seen the engines, you know, with the noise and the police cars but we really didn’t know where they were going,” Olenchak says. “In fact, the road was blocked for quite a few hours so we were thinking it must have been really bad.”

As for the nameless hunter who found Miller, the sheriff says he is seen now as an asset to first responders, amid the deepening mystery.

“I don’t know anything about the person that found her so I don’t know if he was familiar to the area or if he had just happened to pay attention to his road signs but he, made the guy’s ability to find the crash very easy with his directions,” Cole says.

“When they are older, well, you figure okay, they lived a life but 19, that’s terrible,” Olenchak says.

Sheriff Cole says a toxicology report is underway, but it will take a while until they get those results back.