LSSU Hopes to Save Millions With Energy Efficiency Improvements

A Northern Michigan university is spending money to save money, making their campus more energy and cost efficient.

Lake Superior State University has agreed to a 20 year contract with Johnson Controls.

The company will assess how the school is using energy and make improvements.

The school says these studies are typical at college campuses, especially colleges with older buildings where they might not be the most energy efficient.

The contract and study will cost the university $700,000, but the school says they will likely save more than $10 million with necessary improvements.

“We have some old buildings that we could do substantial upgrading and repair to, that will then be incorporated in to the long term contract where Johnson Controls will not only do that, but do the work, create the environment that is far more energy efficient and will save us significant money,” LSSU Interim President Peter Mitchell, explained.

The study will begin immediately and likely take more than six months to complete.