Local Veteran Helps Provide Affordable Housing for NMC Students, Veterans

“I just thought with this location that it would be a perfect solution to a big problem that we have.”

Returning to civilian life can be challenging for some veterans, but one local vet wants to help.

Many soldiers choose to go to school on the GI bill following their service.

Mike Griffith served in the Marine Corps and dealt first hand with difficulties coming back.

It’s why he founded Veterans Housing USA, a nonprofit aimed at creating affordable housing for veterans.

Their latest project is raising money to purchase the Grand Traverse Motel and convert it to dorm-style living spaces for veterans attending NMC.

Griffith says living in a community of fellow veterans can make a huge difference in how well tenants adapt to their new lifestyle.

“It’s really designed to fill that niche of recently separated veterans who want to go to school immediately afterwards, do some on the job training, some vocational training. Just kick start their civilian life. And this is affordable, it’s therapeutic, it’s a familiar environment, and just setting these guys up for success,” Mike Griffth, president, Veterans Housing USA said.

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